The  USSTTC is a US registered non-profit corporation (IRS 501c3) comprised of serving and retired members of the US Armed Forces, community leaders, academics, corporate executives, civic leaders, partners and sponsors, and veterans’ families committed to naming a US Navy Warship after Medal of Honor Recipient Telesforo Trinidad.

Our Mission

Name a US Navy Surface Combatant after Fireman Second Class Telesforo Trinidad, an American national of Filipino descent who received the Medal of Honor on April 1, 1915, for extraordinary heroism in the line of duty and memorialize his selfless dedication to our Nation and the U.S. Navy.

Our Vision

Perpetuate and promote national awareness of Fireman Second Class Trinidad’s heroic sacrifice for his ship and shipmate and instill pride and honor in the U.S. Navy, its Sailors, and our Nation.


Ship Naming in the United States Navy

The Ship Naming Process

The Secretary of the Navy names U.S. Navy ships, under the direction of the President and in accordance with rules prescribed by Congress. The Secretary can rely on many sources to help him reach his decisions. Each year, the Naval Historical Center compiles primary and alternate ship name recommendations and forwards these to the Chief of Naval Operations by way of the chain of command. These recommendations are the result of research into the history of the Navy and by suggestions submitted by service members, Navy veterans, and the public.


Members of the public interested in having Navy ships named for their own states or cities, for earlier U.S. Navy ships (particularly those on which they or their relatives served), for battles in which they or their relatives participated, or for people they admire. Citizens with such an interest sometimes contact the Navy, the Department of Defense, or Congress seeking support for their proposals. More details  may be found at the link Navy Ship Names - Sept 2016.


USTTC’S Progress


The USSTTC has started the ship naming process. Below is the timeline of what they have achieved:

·         January 24, 2021 - USSTTC submitted a petition letter to the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) to name a U.S. Navy Warship after Fireman Second Class Telesforo Trinidad.

 ·         February 5, 2021 - NHHC provided acknowledgement and positive endorsement on Feb 5, 2021 via email from its Director, Rear Admiral Samuel Cox, USN (Ret.).  He recommended sending a letter to the Secretary of the Navy as soon as his/her appointment is confirmed by the Senate and to seek Congressional Support.

        ·         March 16, 2021 – USSTTC submits a petition letter to the acting Secretary of the Navy the Honorable Thomas Harker to name a U.S. Navy Warship after Fireman Second Class Telesforo Trinidad.

The USSTTC continues to garner grass roots support at the national, state and local levels.  It is marshaling its members and supporters to request their representatives, especially those in the Armed Services and Appropriations Committees of both houses, to support to support its petition to the Secretary of the Navy. Please see the section below titled “Support Us” to see what part you can play to help in this campaign.”



BACKGROUND: The US and the Philippines have maintained uninterrupted economic, cultural and military ties since 1901 when President McKinley signed an Executive order allowing Filipinos to serve as part of the Insular Force of the War Department.  Approximately 500 Filipinos were recruited into the U.S. Navy and 6,000 Filipinos into the U.S. Army.  Thousands more were recruited through the interwar years and during WWII Filipinos served in the U.S. Army Forces in the Far East and the U.S. 16th Naval District.  After the Philippines obtained its independence from the United States in 1946, over 35,000 Filipinos were recruited into the US.. Navy from 1952 to 1992 under a provision of the Republic of the Philippines-United States Military Bases Agreement. In addition, thousands of Americans of Filipino descent enlisted during this same 40-year period, and continue to do so until today.

DISCUSSION:  Trinidad remains the first and only American national of Asian and Filipino descent in the U.S. Navy awarded the Medal of Honor.  He received the medal for his extraordinary heroism in the line of duty during boiler explosions onboard the USS San Diego (ACR-6) while the ship was underway in the Gulf of California on January 21, 1915.  Trinidad brought two crewmembers to safety in spite of his own physical injuries from the explosion.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor in accordance with General Order Number 142 signed by the Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels on April 1, 1915.

To date, there is only one ship, the USS Chung-Hoon (DDG-93), named after a Navy service member of Asian descent.   Rear Admiral Gordon Pai’ea Chung-Hoon, Commanding Officer of USS Sigsbee (DD-502) during World War II, received the Navy Cross for his actions during a kamikaze attack on April 14, 1945. 

RECOMMENDATION:  Name a US Navy Surface Combatant after Fireman Second Class Telesforo Trinidad, which follows the US Navy’s proud tradition of naming a ship after a Medal of Honor recipient.


Ronald L. Ravelo,, (843) 737-1546

Nonie C. Cabana,, (808) 277-3033

Cecilia I. Gaerlan,,  (510) 520-8540



Ronald Ravelo, Captain, U.S. Navy (Ret.) Chair

Nonie Cabana, Colonel, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)


Board of Directors

Cecilia I. Gaerlan

Dan Gruta

Doy Heredia

Luisito Maligat

Rey Regis

Executive Director

Nonie Cabana


Committee Chairs

Armando "Doy" Heredia 

(Congressional Support)

Cecilia Gaerlan

(Information Operation)

Dan Gruta

(Partner Organization Support)

Luisito Maligat


Rey Regis


Sonny Busa

(Capitol Legislative)


Sonny Busa

Brian Buzzell

Dan McKinnon

Ray Ricario

Tony Taguba

Dennis Wright

Area Coordinators

San Diego, CA - Dan Gruta

Jacksonville, FL - Bob Bontilao

Seattle, WA - Thelma Sevilla

Norfolk, VA - Lee Parilla

New London, CT - Sylvester Salcedo


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Our Partners


      Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California

      Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Maryland

      Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Pacific Areas

      American Legion, Department of California

      American Legion, Department of Maryland

      American Legion, Philippine Department

      Veterans of Foreign Wars

        - Post 2485 (Angeles City, Philippines), Dist. VII, Dept. of Pacific Areas

        - Post 5471 (Oxon Hill, MD), Post 124 (Baguio, Philippines)

        - Post 1123 (Carl Kreh Post, Vallejo, CA)

      The American Legion

        - Post 603 (Manuel L. Quezon Post- Vallejo)

        - Post 123 (Allen “Pop” Reeves Post, Angeles City, Philippines)

      American GI Forum

      Disabled American Veterans Ozie Boler Chapter 21, Vallejo, CA

      American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor Memorial Society

      Fleet Reserve Association – Branch 4 (Washington, DC)

      National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA)

       - San Diego/Imperial Region

      League of United Latin Americans Citizens of Texas

      US-Philippines Society

      Philippine American Chamber of Commerce (Texas)

      Bataan Legacy Historical Society

      Philippine Scouts Heritage Society

      Filipino Veterans & Recognition Project (FILVETREP)

      City of San Diego, CA

      City of San Antonio, TX

      City of Alameda, CA

      City of Vallejo, CA

      Filipino American Military Officers Association (FAMOS)

      Filipino American Retirees of Southern California (FARSOC)

      The Filipino School

      Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS)- Stockton Chapter

      Chinese American Citizens Alliance

      National Museum of Medal of Honor

      Bataan Corregidor Survivors & Their Families

      Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS)- Vallejo Chapter

      Coalition of Filipino American Chambers of Commerce

      Filipino American Voice United (FAVU)

      Organization of the Filipinos in Texas (San Antonio)

      Friends & Family of Nesie Veterans

      Filipino America Veterans Society (FAVS)

      Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC)





USSTTC supporters can also support the campaign with their time by:

a.  Petitioning their members of Congress to write the Secretary of the Navy to support USSTTC’s Petition to Name a ship after Fireman Second Class Trinidad.

Members of the House of Representatives may be found at  Contact Us |

Senators may be found at U.S. Senate: Contacting U.S. Senators.

b.  Writing the Secretary of the Navy at Contact Us ( to approve USSTTC’s  Petition to Name a warship after Fireman Second Class Trinidad. 

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